How Your Ego is Slowly Eating Away Your Life!

5 min readFeb 7, 2023
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Studies show that a healthy dose of ego directly feeds into your willpower, which means you have a greater chance at succeeding in different aspects of your life if you set your mind to it. Be it learning a new language, sticking to a diet, or simply acing an exam. A good ego allows us to stay resilient when faced with calamities and when deployed properly it can even help us grow.

However, an unhealthy ego can be an issue. We all have an ego in us, some have just the right amount mixed with a little bit of humility while for others that is not the case. Such people are generally more conceited and outspoken with a little too much aplomb. They believe they are always right and never wrong. And it is this thinking that repels people away from them like a bad BO.

If you think that you are showcasing such signs of immense self-worth and vanity and your social circle is diminishing then you need to reconsider and re-evaluate. You might say oh it’s just my confidence but always remember there is a big difference between confidence and ego. Confidence is a healthy behavior whereas, ego is destructive.

Too much Ego will kill your Talent”

How To Know it’s the Ego Talking?

Distinguishing ego from confidence is the key to making things right. If you notice that your ego is influencing you in different situations acknowledge it and try to tone it down a bit. Having even a little bit of awareness about your ego can play a huge part in improving your past relationships that might have been affected.

How To Tell Your Ego is in Play

  • The first sign is that people stop talking with you and refrain from going with you anywhere.
  • People stop giving you advice since you already are a know-it-all.
  • Your social circle starts to decrease.
  • People do not ask for your opinion because whatever you say generally comes off as rude or offensive.

Signs of an Extremely Egoistic Person

People that are too self-absorbed and egoistic show common signs that are pretty much universal in that spectrum. Therefore, if you are considering…




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