Making Tough Career Choices

And where you should draw a line!



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Career choice is a big debate around the world, especially in the present era. There is a huge range of careers one could choose from, but sadly even today, the professions are divided by a fine line. Few are considered prestigious while others are associated with failure and frivolousness.

I consider myself lucky enough to open my eyes in a household that has given me enough freedom to choose for myself. We are five siblings and each one of us has had the option to opt for any career that we wanted, based on our skillset. Our parents, never once, tried to intervene or change our minds and instead supported us.

But not everybody has the privilege of selecting their field of work. This is because many parents decide what they want their child to be even before he arrives in this world. We live in a society where the amount of respect you get is based on the career that you have opted for. And this notion is not bound to one or two countries but rather the entire world.

Choosing a career

I have often heard students talk about the profession that they want to choose for themselves but they cannot do so because of their parents who wish for them to be a doctor, or an engineer, or study business because these are the ‘reputable’ career choices.

Students are under a great deal of stress from themselves and their parents to pick an appropriate career that will bring them success and peace of mind, in the longer run. It is often difficult for them to comprehend that the subjects they had picked in high school do not necessarily have to be it for them. When they come to know that they can enter more than one field, they become puzzled due to the lack of guidance.

You need to ask yourself the following questions before you finally settle on something:

  • What is my skillset?
  • What do I enjoy doing the most?
  • How far am I willing to go for my dream career?
  • Can this benefit me in the long run? If not, what other expertise do I have?
  • What kind of workplace environment am I looking for?
  • Should I go for a job or start my own…




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