Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

A remedy for the disheartened



It is a sensitive topic but I have to say this, while being obese may not always be in our control, but curtailing it is of necessity. As per the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) statistics, more people die due to obesity than malnourishment. That being said, Bariatric Surgery is a fairly new surgical procedure that aims to help people cut down on obesity depending on their body mass index(BMI).

“Obese? Is that a fancy way to insult?”

First, it is important to understand obesity. Earlier obesity was seen as a condition or merely a cosmetic concern. The renewed definition by WHO explains obesity to be a “chronic progressive disease” that may be a consequence of varied environmental and genetic components. Increased body fat build-up is a key characteristic. Why must you look for means to resolve obesity? Look around you and tell me one person who suffers from obesity who hasn’t had other fatal physical conditions or psychological concerns.


Body activists before you slam this, understand that health is wealth. No one is asking people suffering from obesity to become the body standard our society has fixed, instead bariatric surgery is one of the best options available today for people to relieve themselves from unnecessary diseases and mental traumas. Obesity is likely to amplify the occurrence of other issues like Hypertension, heart diseases, respiratory disorders, joint or bone damage, kidney failures, polycystic ovarian syndrome, septicemia, various types of cancers, GERD, type Ⅱ Diabetes, and many other problems like suicidal patterns, low self-esteem etc.

The BMI calculator measures levels of obesity by taking into account the patient’s height and weight. The optimum bracket for BMI is in the range of 18.5–24.9, and above this range, the patient is termed overweight. Obesity is divided into about three categories:

Category Ⅰ Obesity: 30–34.9

Category Ⅱ Severe Obesity: 35–39.9

Category Ⅲ Morbidly Obesity: 40 and…




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