Distracted But Can’t Seem To Figure Out Why?

5 min readSep 7, 2020

Lets break it down!

Honestly, almost everyone goes through a time when they can’t seem to do what should be done, or believe that what should be done will be done later, you know like two more episodes of utter gibberish and butterflies and then you’ll surely stay up all night to complete your task. But your friends throw a troll fest on Facebook that seems too thrilling so you tell yourself hopefully at 6 am you’ll be awake to do an amazing job. You procrastinate and procrastinate and perform the task so-so.

For some, these habits may come and go once in a while, but for many, it becomes a burgeoning pattern that alters one’s capabilities, goals, images and much more. Separating the three things is like asking what’s the greater evil…not a very helpful move. In case it was not obvious enough, the three together in odd proportions are like the Deathly Hallows ready to throw one’s life in a downward spiral.

Vamp like symptoms; Over-stimulation




Seeing a wall of text, sitting in a crowded place, overwhelming emotions, and other sensory overload symptoms can trigger that beep sound in your head and all you want to do is either crawl into a void or let go everything in that euphoria. One’s senses are either hypersensitive or under-sensitive.

While over-stimulation may assist many to get their job done and carry forward, for many people it is but a disorder that requires a relevant coping mechanism to avoid disturbances in daily life.

In this, the ability to focus is disturbed on two levels: the internal and external understanding is minimized which then results in lack of attention. If you’re anywhere near this description then a psychological input is befitting to help you become a focused individual. Though a mild sensory overload can happen to anyone who is going through waves of stress and anxiety, so taking a breather can help your brain to gather energy to become attentive towards the task you wish to get done.

Too many cooks spoil the broth type things


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