What Does Work Actually Mean?

A different perspective



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To work is life. Without it, life can be a bit of a bore. It’s a very broad term, an all-encompassing word that can mean different things to many different people. Anything that requires you to strive for something can be work:

  • Your job can be work.
  • Your life can be work,
  • Your personality, your friends your school.

Essentially ‘work’ carries within itself tons of meanings that are contrasting to the general definition.

One must know that no work is big or small, the real thing is to work and work with great diligence. If you work with full devotion, there is no power stopping you. And if you just kill the time, you may not have any work or recognition in the long run.

What does work mean to you?

If you ever ask yourself the question your brain might come to a standstill. You must be thinking along the lines of “to work is to earn and blah blah”. I mean it is one of the many explanations out there but has now become overrated.

Let’s dive deeper and find out what does work means?

If you’ve been working to improve your life, you’re doing work. You’re getting up early, exercising, manifesting, fixing the mess that is your life. Making better choices one step at a time and learning to improve yourself.

Someone who is trying to learn a new skill set is working. They are spending their time, money, and brains to learn. Ever heard of the sentence ‘I’m working on learning this new skill?’ Yup that, is also considered work.

Change of ideas, beliefs, opinions, and principles over time, based on some experience or just because you went through a thing called life is considered work on your part. You worked on your beliefs. You changed your opinions and matured. You know, like metamorphosis but not of the body but the way of thinking and seeing. Now you are better equipped with handling what the world throws your way.

Many people spend their life in a bubble. They don’t work for the good things. In the end, they are left disappointed and discontented with how things are going. How can one expect to grow without actually…




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